About Us

In the midst of one of the most difficult insurance crises in the nations history, Higbee Insurance was formed to provide insurance in a very challenging time. Founders Brian Higbee and Mary Holt held very high ideals that insurance should be for the benefit of the ones insured rather than the insurance company. It was this conviction that led to the formation of Higbee Insurance. Today Higbee Insurance provides insurance, consultation, solutions, and support to many local governments, businesses, and families throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

Established 1986

Higbee Insurance was founded and remains in southwestern Pennsylvania because of the passion we have for the growth and development of this region. Our communities and our families depend on every business to do its part to create an environment of excellence and sustained growth. Our children’s children’s lives will be impacted by what we do today. We must carefully prepare the future in life and in business.